Yamaha 8200 Series Field-Corps Marching Bass Drum (MB-82XX)

Designed for top marching programs, Field-Corps marching bass drums provide a deep, resonant tone, and forceful attack. From the focused tone of the smallest size at 14"to the thunderous boom of the largest model at 32", these bass drums are versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor marching percussion activities.

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7-ply birch/mahogany shell provides a precise balance of deep, resonant tones and solid, punchy attack; this shell configuration not only sounds great it has a much lighter carrying weight than its all-hardwood counterparts. Light, die-cast aluminum lugs are designed with a unique arch-shaped center, an original Yamaha straight-line design that decreases surface to surface contact between the shell and lug; this permits the shell to vibrate freely, which in turn results in greater tone production. Lug designs are 26% lighter and 60% stronger than previous models. 10-ply birch round edge hoops constructed with the Air-Seal System deliver the strength necessary for consistent, uniform tuning. All 8200 Series Bass Drums come with smooth white REMO Ambassador bass drum heads. Claw hook design delivers greater tuning stability by reducing the stress on the tuning bolt under high-tension situations; this ensures easy turning when making tuning adjustments and reduces hoop damage while delivering greater tuning stability. Bass Drums are available in ten different sizes, from 14" to 32", to cover a wide tonal spectrum.
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