Five-Star Drum Shops

What is Five-Star?

Five-Star Drum Shops

The Five-Star Drum Shops group is a non-profit organization of independently-owned specialty percussion stores in North America that are dedicated to advancing the art and science of drumming. In short, Five-Star is about providing a quality product, excellent customer service, instruction through lessons and clinics, and repair and maintenance work for your instrument.

What does it mean for me?

Buying an instrument from a Five-Star Drum Shop means you're getting a great product, competitive pricing, help from a knowledgable sales staff, and access to exclusive products that aren't available elsewhere. In addition to the Five-Star specials that are run year-round, every Five-Star Drum Shop has a Winter Drummer's Guide, perfect for finding gifts for the holidays.

What else does Five-Star offer?

The Five-Star Drum Shops group also puts together national events. These include artist clinic tours and The Big Beat. The Big Beat is a yearly event where drummers play a beat together nationwide to raise money for local and national charities. Every Five-Star drum shop puts together its own local event, with prizes and giveaways, and at the end everyone (via webcam) across the country plays as one. For more information, contact us.