Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic 14 x 6 Black Snare Drum with Black 2.3 mm Triple Flanged Hoops

OK…. so you want a premium professional snare drum with the power to play in the loudest bands, and yet the sensitivity to play brushes in a jazz trio. And that drum needs to have plenty of crack and “pop” at the high end, and yet the warmth and body of the best wood drums. Impossible you think… maybe not…..

Noble and Cooley has come to the rescue with their Alloy Classic snare drum. This drum is made from cast aluminum (not rolled from sheet metal), and then CNC machines cut bearing edges and snare beds to incredibly tight tolerances. Add to this the famous cast brass Noble and Cooley throw off, low mass brass tube style lugs, cam action snares, and a choice of heavy triple flanged or die cast hoops, and you have one unbelievable snare drum. This 14" dream drum is available in 6” or 4 7/8 depths, and your choice of black or raw (stunning silver aluminum) shells, with either chrome, back chrome, or brass finished hardware.

So does this drum really deliver all those qualities…..??? We think it does!


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Noble & Cooley


The Alloy Classic is built of cast aluminum, as opposed to rolled sheet metal, or sliced from tubing. This process gives the drum a porous shell, resulting in denser sound. By tuning the heads high, the drum still maintains the "crack" or "pop" of a metal drum, while looser tunings give way to the warmness more commonly associated with a wood shell.


The Alloy Classic uses the famous N&C brass throw-off and patented cam action snares. The lugs are low-mass brass tube style lugs, and the rims are triple flanged with die cast as an option. The hardware is either chrome or black chrome.


The Alloy Classic shell is machined after casting. The bearing edge and shell dimensions are kept to a tight tolerance, while lathing and CNC machining produce a drum of incredible consistency.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand Noble & Cooley
Snare Drum Width 14"
Snare Drum Depth 6"
Snare Drum Shell Metal
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