Dixon Blaze 10" 12" 16" 22" Shell Pack with 6.5x14 Snare

Dixon believes there’s nothing more satisfying than expecting more from something and getting it. For drummers, the BLAZE series is one of those things…more of what a professional expects from an instrument for less than most sets in its class. Blaze is crafted from North American Maple and Red Silkwood for a balanced foundation giving drummers full control of their sound by responding to the multitude of drumhead options available today.

Drum Sizes: Rack Toms 10x8" 12x9" Floor Toms 16x14" Bass Drum 22x18" Snare 14x6.5"

SKU: BZ-522-N

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Features Benefits 7-Ply hybrid Shell
North American Maple x2
Red Silkwood x5
‧10 Lug Base Drum
‧10 Lug Snare Drum
‧Bearing edges: 45 degrees
‧Shell Thickness: 6.4mm TT and FT / 7.2mm SD and 6BD

North American Maple combined with dense Red Silkwood delivers classic tone and clear projection for the perfect all-around drum kit.


Blaze's sound is rich in low-frequency and mid-frequency, giving drummers better control and good for studio recording (less overtone/harmonics)

Premium finishes Hi-end drum finishes without compromise. Quality parts and metal plating Experienced and reliable craftsmanship where it’s needed most. Single Ball & L-Rod Tom Adaptors Fully adjustable, Ball and L-Rod tom-tom adaptors included for versatile mounting, keeping the bass drum free of brackets. Vibra-Hoop Suspension A classic suspension that fully cradles tom-toms, permitting each mounted drum to resonate freely for unobstructed tone. Low-Mass Lugs Small lug design limits the dampening effect of the drum shell.
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Additional Info
SKU BZ-522-N
Brand Dixon
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