Canopus R.F.M. Studio Shell Pack in Ebony Lacquer Drum Set


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2 Free Pairs of Pro-Mark American Hickory 5A Drumsticks

This is a name brand pro quality pair of sticks. Something that every drum kit should come with. An all-time favorite, great for all styles. Features an oval shaped tip.

While developing the R.F.M. series, Canopus first visualized what a maple shell should sound like. The modern maple drum shell has a solid, bright sound, but there are also some shortcomings that they believed could be improved upon. The shell itself does not resonate enough, the mid-range does not sustain enough, and there are often unwanted overtones.

Canopus concluded that it must be possible to develop maple shell drums that maintain the existing desirable traits, yet also address these issues. With this in mind, they has moved forward with an ongoing research into maple-shell construction, closely examining problems that arise as they experiment. For example, when they make a thin shell for greater resonance, one will lose sustain and cannot feel the power of the drum. Canopus knew this through their experience and accumulated observations.

Reinforcement quickly drew Canopus's attention as a means to achieve a better sound. Reinforcement was originally meant to reinforce the shells, but they decided to use it proactively as a tool to shape tone. Through rigorous testing of all combinations in width, thickness and numbers of ply, Canopus has established their unique approach to reinforcing shells. Depending on a shell’s diameter and depth, they utilize different reinforcement construction as well as different shell construction. The result is Canopus's R.F.M. series that has a bright, solid sound with enough mid-range tone and resonance. Canopus achieved a fantastic core drum sound as well; Canopus's maple drums have a wide tuning range, plenty of resonance and an excellent balance with the drum-set. We highly recommends Canopus's maple drums for all genres of music.


15X20, 7X10, 8X12, 13X14

This shell pack comes with a free Canopus double tom stand!

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