Thanks for The Big Beat!

The Big Beat

Even though we’re the ones running The Big Beat, it wouldn’t be an event without everyone who came out. We want to thank you all for coming and making this the great annual event it is. We had some great clinics and giveaways, and we’re hoping to get final numbers on how much money was raised shortly. Click “Continue reading →” to check out pictures and video from the event!

Thanks to Paul Quinn for these pictures and video.

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One Response to Thanks for The Big Beat!

  1. D'Arco Smith says:

    Man u cats were rock’n with soul, grace, style & Da Big BEAT (: !!! I knew i was miss’n fun not only history. I was involved in the first Big Beat and to see this years growth is KOOL BEANS!!! Did we break the record??? Our we “DA BIG BEAT???”

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