Welcome to the new ColumbusPercussion.com!

Welcome to the new ColumbusPercussion.com, your source for drums and percussion. We’ll keep you updated with news and events on this page, and we always have the best deals on gear at our store. Never been here before? Click here to see what we’re all about.

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  1. Mark Todd says:

    I just heard about this organization and wondered if you had or not.

    My daughter-in-law is working on her Masters in Architecture in Charlotte, had been out to the event area to help design a new stage structure. Knowing I would be interested she sent the link to me.
    I see that Drum enthusiasts from across the world are involved. You all probably have a lot on your plate, but I just wondered if you knew of this event or not.
    Maybe done the line Columbus could take part.

  2. Kevin Warren says:


    My name is Kevin Warren. I’m a composer from Boston – I studied at the Boston Conservatory, and now I am pursuing a Master’s Degree at Tufts University. One of my best pieces is for percussion duo, and I’m hoping you might know someone who would be interested in playing it.
    My piece is called “Errare Humanum Est” (to err is human) and it’s scored for what I call two glorified drum sets: Kick Drum, Floor Tom, four tuned tom drums, woodblock and 5 cymbals. It’s a very high-energy piece though there’s a slow moving middle section and a very deliberate ending.
    You’ll find a recording of the piece as well as a pdf score at


    Please check it out when you have a chance. I’d love to hear your feedback, and it would be great if you wanted to add the piece to your repertoire.

    Thanks so much!
    Hope 2011 has been good for you so far,

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